Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Doing a Happy Dance Today!

I finally got around to finishing up Pansies for Friendship. As if that didn't make me happy enough I just got back from the mailbox and inside was a $50 gift certificate to a framing place where I got a piece of my stitching framed once (the Iris on the Veranda piece). Now what to frame first LOL LOL. Here is what Pansies looks like all finished. Didn't stitch the border on this one. Thought it looked OK without the border.

Now as requested by a certain 6 year old boy I will be stitching the Red Sox Logo next. Think I amy stitch it on a piece of 11 count Aida that I have so then it won't be so small. Jordan keeps saying he wants a Patriots logo and a Red Sox logo for his wall. Have the Red Sox logo. Now to just find a Patriots one.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Achey, Sick Tuesday

Yesterday Ashley woke up and had one of those loud bark-like coughs. I decided that a visit to the doctor was in order. Come to find out she has a double ear infection and a cold. She was not in a good mood at all yesterday. Most kids like to sleep when they are sick...nope not my little monster princess. She likes to scram and throw a tantrum (no it was not due to the fact that she had an ear infection since she was doped up on meds so the doctor assured me that that was not the problem. Between a fever and the runs I am sure that she was as miserable as she was acting. Now that I got her down for a nap today this tired, achey Momma is going to curl up on the sofa and stitch her little heart out until Ashley wakes up or until it is time to get Jordan from school (whichever comes first LOL). Will try and come back for another update on my Pansies later.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pansies Update

Thought that before I shut the computer off for the night then I would post an update on what Pansies are looking like so far. Not much more to go now.

Great S.E.X day yesterday!

I went to my LNS yesterday and got away with some great stuff. I got ...
Mini BLock Christmas Horizontal ABC - Hinzeit
John James needles size 26
Mini Block ABC Welcome - Hinzeit
Signs of Summer - Erica Michaels
The Lord's Blessing - Imaginating, Inc.
Sweet Liberty - SamSarah Design Studio

All this is regularly priced at a totla of $56.25, but I got this all for $28.12.

Anyways, today is another game for the Patriots and DH, our son and I are all going to be routing for the Pats!!! Jordan got a Corey Dillion jersey for his birthday from my sister and he is in LOVE with it. Off to join the company here that are all getting ready for the game.

Friday, November 24, 2006

How Stupid Am I?

I'm 21% Stupid

I stole this from Meari's blog because I thought that it looked really neat.

1. [X] I have walked into a glass/screen door.

2. [ ] I have tripped on my shoelace and fallen.

3. [X] I have choked on my own spit.

4. [ ] I've seen the Matrix a bunch of times and still don't get it.

5. [ ] I type only with my pointer fingers.

6. [ ] I have caught something on fire.

7. [ ] I've told a cop to buzz off and gotten screwed for it.

8. [ ] I have attempted to sip out of a straw but it accidently went into
my nose, rather than my mouth.

9. [ ] I have thought of something funny that happened yesterday, and
laughed out loud and people looked at me weird.

10. [X] I've caught myself drooling.

11. [ ] I've accidentally caused an explosion.

12. [ ] If someone says the word "fart", I can't help but laugh.

13. [x] I've been into a "Do Not Enter" one way road plenty of times.

14. [x] Sometimes I just...stop thinking, & zone out.

15. [ ] Is it POSSIBLE to lick your elbow?

16. [ ] I just tryed to lick my elbow.

17. [ ] People often shake their heads and walk away from me.

18. [ ] People often tell me to use my "inside voice"

19. [ ] Gum has fallen out of my mouth while talking.

20. [ ] I use my fingers to do simple math.

21. [ ] I've jumped off a moving bicycle.

22. [ ] I ate a bug for $5 or less.

23. [X] I'm taking this test when I should be doing something more

24. [ ] I repost chain letters because I'm scared of what they threaten
will happen if I don't.

25. [ ] I've removed my pants when I was with friends.

26. [ ] I've ran around naked when I was with friends.

27. [ ] I've searched all over the place for something, and then realized
it was in my hand the whole time.

28. [ ] I break a lot of things.

29. [ ] My friends know not to use big words on me.

30. [ ] I put my head to the side when I'm confused.

31. [ ] Sometimes I start telling a story and suddenly forget what I'm
talking about.

32. [X] I've fallen out of my chair before.

33. [ ] When I'm laying in bed, I sometimes stare at the ceiling and try to
find pictures and words in the texture.

Tally up your number of x's. MULTIPLY THAT NUMBER BY 3 TO GET YOUR
PERCENTAGE. Repost this as "I am __% stupid”.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving (again)!

Just wanted to share a picture of what I got done today. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

I know that this is early, but in case I am not on tomorrow I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow US bloggers. I will be spending the day cooking and when I am not cooking I will be stitching. Here is how far along I am on Pansies so far. I am hoping to finish this up this weekend, but only time will tell if that happens.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Football Sunday

While DH has been watching the Patriots game this is what I have been doing. I love how colorful this is. I am thinking that once I am done with this that I will put it in my bedroom.

Got my van back Friday night so now I don't have to worry about walking Jordan to school with Ashley on Monday morning since I think that it is going to be a cold day. It was indeed the starter like we originally thought that it was. Ended up costing us about $125 so I can't complain too much. Now just waiting for January and taxes to roll around so that I can get a brand new car. Kind of getting sick of the whole van thing LOL. I am looking into getting either a Ford Focus or a Toyota Corolla. Not sure which one we are going to go with yet, but we keep looking online to watch for some good holiday deals.

Off to stitch some more while watching the Patriots kick the Packers butts! GO PATRIOTS!!!!!

If anyone knows of where I can find a nice Patriots pattern please email me at meye2cuties at gmail dot com.

Friday, November 17, 2006

My Car is in the Garage!

Well we thought that we could go another week or so before having the starter replaced since it was starting up each time I needed to drive it. Boy were we wrong. Getting stuck at the mall during the evening commute is not a fun thing to do. We went to the mall only to find that that car didn't want to come home iwth us last night. AAA came and now my van is at my dad's friend's house being fixed. So I have started a new cross stitch project.

Pansies for Friendship....sorry this is not the greatest picture of what it will look like once it is done. I will sent up the scanner a little later and then will get a better picture.

Monday, November 13, 2006

How Do YOU talk?

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

The West
North Central
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The South
The Northeast
What American accent do you have?
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Thursday, November 09, 2006

**Warning Lots of Babbling Included**

These 2 cute kids are MINE MINE MINE LOL LOL. This is Jordan (5 years old --will be 6 the day after Thanksgiving) and Ashley (19 months). They were posing so cute on this day that I just HAD to take a picture.

Not sure how many of you remember seeing this picture of my first and so far only framed piece of stitching, but I thought I would post it again so you would all know what I was talking about when I say this...I was so kicking myself when I gave my mom the Iris on the Veranda piece that I stitched for her while I was preggers with Ashley and then decided to stitch it for myself only to realize that I had traded the book that this was in with someone about a year or 2 ago. Anyway I went on e-bay and found 1 person that was selling Country Bouquets from American School of Needlework (where the Iris pattern came from--did I mention that this was an OOP book????) so I swooped in and bought it right away and only paid $3.99 for the book!!! I had a piece of evenweave that I immediately brought over to my mom's for her to zig zag the edges for me (I so cannot sew and she has a machine), but I promised myself that I am going to be good and not stitch Iris on the Veranda until after I am done with Carousel Horse. Which leads me to my next topic of discussion. ROTATION STITCHING!!!!

How many of you have a rotation for stitching pieces and do you find it useful? Do you find yourself finishing more pieces when you stitch them on rotation rather than spending months (sometimes years LOL) on the same piece at one time? I want to stitch a few pieces that I have in my stash which I would like to stitch but don't know which one to do first so I thought maybe a rotation of them would be neat. Iris on the Veranda, Home is Where the Cat Is (already started and put it aside but never was able to pick it back up once Jordan decided that he wanted to "sew like Mom" by cutting my fabric into pieces so I want to start on it again and keep it safe this time LOL) and St. Sylvestre are ones that I want to stitch but I have a tinge of ADD so working on a BIG project makes me get bored easily hence again why rotation stitching might be the way to go for me.

Which now that I have babbled it has lead me to another do you store your WIPs while you are stitching on something else. Do you have Q-Snaps for each project or do you have one set that you just move from project to project each day? I am not a new stitcher but have never been brave enough until a few months ago to stitch on anything else other than Aida. Now I am trying to venture out and try new things.

Now on to something different. Went to my LNS that will be closing soon and picked up Seasons of Plenty from Little House Needleworks and Signs of Spring from Erica Michaels. I think I might talk DH into letting me go back and pick up some specialty threads since I have never used anything other than DMC and would like to try something different in that category too.

Off to get ready to watch Grey's Anatomy and ER while diligently working on Pastel the Carousel Horse.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Quiet Stitching Sunday

Was not very happy when I woke up this morning, walked over to the kitchen sink to pour some water for some tea nd found that we had no water! Of course the maintenace men for the landlord here are a bunch or morons and don't know how to find the pipes sooooo. Here I sit at 11 am (found we had no water at 8 am this morning) and STILL HAVE NO WATER just ran over to Stop n Shop and bought 2 gallons of water so that will hopefully be all that I need to buy.

Since we are suppose to keep Jordan in the house while treating him for chicken pox then I can't go over to my parents house to take a shower and clean up. Guess I will just sit here today and work some more on Pastel (that is the name that Jordan and I came up with for this horse even though there aren't too many pastel colors in this piece). Ran out of DMC 3821 so maybe later I can sneek out alone and go to Shaw's to get some groceries and to Walmart to pick up another skein of 3821. Off to check the faucets again.