Monday, January 08, 2007

Here is the towel that I finished up while watching the Pats game with Jerry yesterday. Can anyone spot my mistake. I know that it is there (look at the left and right of the pattern in the left picture). If no one can see it then i guess that it is not as obvious as I think that it is. I was going to give this to my neighbor, but now I am having second thoughts on that. Guess that will teach me to count out for the middle while sick in bed LOL LOL. Oh well that is OK no biggie. I was going through my LK patterns yesterday and I think that the Winter ABCs pattern that I have might fit onto a huck towel that I have. IF so that would tickle me pink as I wanted a LK pattern for my huck towel so this would be awesome. Although you would never know that it was winter with the weather and temperatures that we had this weekend. Having the windows open in the house was great but felt weird on the first Saturday in January.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Welcome to my first 2007 posting!

Well it has already been a busy beginning of the year. I have put Iris aside for a little while to stitch on a few towels. I ran out of a DMC color today though so will have to pick some more up later when I do my groceries at Walmart.