Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sorry that I have not posted in so long. We have been busy here with the kids growing like weds, Jordan in school and we have FINALLY found a 3 bedroom apartment that Jerry and I BOTH like. We are moving on the first of May and very stupidly when I started packing little things here and there about 2 weeks ago (can you tell I was excited to move??? LOL) I packed my xstitch stuff so haven't been able to work on anything since. I will DEFINITELY catch you all up once I get to stitching again. I have also had some great S.E.X this week too. I have spent about $60 in once week on stash! DH must really love me huh??? I bought the Just Cross Stitch ornament book and bought a few patterns from Joanne at 123 the other day too. Keep checking in for progress and new apartment pictures!