Sunday, April 02, 2006

Back on Track Now

For the time being anyway LOL LOL. I finally got everything frogged and went to work on the other side of the carousel only to find that I had made yet another mistake. Guess this will teach me to stitch and watch TV at the same time HAHA. Everything is starting to look much better so I am now happy again. Will update a little later tonight once I take an updated picture.

***EDITED 7:15 PM*** OK I think that I have the mistakes all taken care of now. I am going to be working on this after I am done here on the computer once everyone is in bed and I can get some quiet time. I am hoping that listening to Desperate Housewives in the background while stitching will prove to be safer than looking up every few moments and watching. Apparently that is what got me in trouble last time HAHA. Here is an updated picture which like I said I hope is mistake free.

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