Thursday, July 19, 2007

So Mad!!!

I am so mad at not only myself but at Walmart. I bought what I thought was 18 count Aida to stitch Bringing Home the Christmas Tree on. After I was done stitching it I thought "hmmm that looks kind of big to be an ornament", but of course thought nothing more of it. I then went and started Birdhouse Row on the same cut of fabric that I stitched the ornament on. I cut the piece to the 18 cout size and away I went. After about an hour of stitching I turned to Jerry and said that the piece of fabric didn't look big enough and would he remeasure it to make sure that I measured right. Well it was measured right but the fabric was 18 count it was 14 count. I went and checked the tube that the fabric was in and sure enough it was marked 18 count. I went back to Walmart to get the right size and this time examined the piece. Sure enough there were 2 more tubes on the shelf that were marked 18 and they were really 14. The girl took them down and said that sometimes the machine spits out the wrong tag for the fabric. Guess that will teach me not to double check my fabric before I set to work on another project. Plus needless to say that I needed to start Birdhouse Row all over again tonight. Will take a picture once I get further along.

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