Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Does it ever get better?

OK now that I have some more time I will blog some more. The past few nights Ashley has been waking up screaming. Thought that maybe she kept getting scared becasue Jordan has a tendency to talk in his sleep (they share a bedroom for now), but after the third night I started getting aggrevated since I was getting NO SLEEP that night (at this point she is sleeping 5 minutes here and there). Last night I finally decided that to just give her some Motrin and hope that it knocked her out for at least a few hours. She slept the rest of the night She went back down at 3 and she slept until 7 when I had to get her up to take Jordan to school. Anyway called the doctor's this morning to have her checked becasue began to think that she might have another ear infection. Sure enough she has not one but to ear infections (I know MEAN MOMMY). Since this is her third one in a matter of about a month and a half then they want to check her in 2 weeks and if the infection hasn't cleared up then she will have to go and see an ENT. Well pizza is here so I am off to have some dinner.

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Meari said...

At least you figured out what was wrong. Don't beat yourself up too much. :)