Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chili Pepper Mitten

Here is where I was after the pats game on Sunday...

Since I was feeling under the weather yesterday I decided to sit on the sofa and stitch most of the day away. Didn't get alot done but I did take a nap so that is my excuse for that LOL LOL. Apparently, the rechargeable batteries that I got with my old camera are not compatible with this camera so before I can take any more pics I need to go out and buy some batteries that are compatible. I will take another picture hopefully by the end of the day.

EDITED @ 9:19 PM Here is a photo of what Chili Mitten is looking like...

Ashley feel asleep on the recliner so I figured that this would be great opportunity to get some quiet time stitching in. Tomorrow Jerry has the day/night off so I am hoping that we can sit and watch his I Am Legend DVD that he got for Christmas. He has seen it and said that it is really good but I have yet to see it. I am also planning on making Lazy Man Lasagna tomorrow too. Off to stitch some more and then off to bed for this girl.

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