Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mad Mommy Today

I got up this morning to find a BIG hole in my WIP. I know what most of you are saying "you left it out so it is your own fault that it got ruined". The only thing that is keeping me somewhat sane is the fact that I wasn't that far along. I am at my brother in laws right now and brought The Cricket Collection's Chili Pepper Mitten that I started working on so I am sure that you guys will see a picture either later tonight or tomorrow. Other than that not much going on here. Will talk to you all some more later.

Oh while I am thinking of it I got an idea from Carols' blog that I thought would be a really neat idea. I want to stitch ornaments this year and send them out to my various stitching firends, but I don't have anyone's address. If ylu are interested then please leave me a message here and email me at meye2cuties at gmail dot com.

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