Saturday, August 26, 2006

Awesome S.E.X today!!!

This morning I was reading the 123 message board and saw something about Hancock Fabrics . I opened the conversation and went on to see that they were having a sale on DMC floss so I decided to see if there was one near me. The closest store was in Fitchburg, MA (an hour drive from where I am). I talked DH into taking me. I perused the store for about 30 minutes and this is what I came home with 55 skeins of DMC (the best part is that they were one sale for 20/$1.00 and no the is not a typo I typed 20), a 20" x 30" piece of 14 count Aida, and 2 packages of needles which I paid .74 each. I stopped by Colonial Needleworks on my way home but Sue was already closed for the day :(. Off to make some dinner for the family and then fondle my newest buys some more.

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Meari said...

News travels fast, doesn't it?! I have a friend who cleaned out the entire stock of Hancock floss. Over 4,000 skeins for $150. Can't beat it... I bet Hancocks is kicking themselves for the DMC deal falling through and not telling the ad guy!