Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Long Day today

On the bright side though I finished Flip Flops Rock last night (will post a picture once Blogger allows me to post one) and started a small hearts towel that is stitching up really quick. I have decided to stitch a couple of towels and then try and sell them for some stash money. Found some huck towels that were being clearanced at Walmart but there was only 2 left so I snatched them up for $2.00 each.

Ashley was up most of the night crying with a temperature of 102.7. I finally got her back into bed around 4 only to have Jordan wake both of us up at 6 because he wanted to watch cartoon and felt that we should watch them too.

Off to get Ashley ready to go to the doctor's to make sure that she doesn't have an ear infection.

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