Friday, August 25, 2006

Jumping for Joy!!!!

Hot Off The Q-Snaps (well not off the q-snaps quite yet HAHA). I just finished this this minute and couldn't wait to post a picture of my finish. I am not quite sure if I like the left side of the Y (where it goes from real dark to real light). Might frog that and make it blend better but I will ponder it for a little while and see what I think after. Now to figure out what to stitch next. Since I like stitching on the evenweave so much I decided to go to AC Moore and but some more but they only had 1 tube left so I may have to take a trip to Micheal's or Colonial Needleworks (I am an determined to get back there soon). Will post soon to let you all know what I decide to stitch.

UPDATED 10:43 PM Since I finished Joy tree and I can't get my mini sewing machine to work to zig zag the edge of my new evenweave piece I am working on another small towel with hearts on it. Not sure what I want to put above and below these hearts but I guess I will think about that as I finish up with this row of hearts. Will take the evenweave to my mom's and see if she can use her zig zag setting on her machine so I can get started on a new evenweave piece. Am thinking that I may start on a few pieces (2 or 3 at a time) and work on a rotation so then I don't get bored working on just one thing. I do have some Aida that will eventually have to be stitched on anyway too LOL.


Heather said...

Joy looks fantastic, well done. I have yet to get this one, but it's one I do want to stitch.

Jenn said...

oh it looks great! Congrats on the finish.