Saturday, August 19, 2006

Baby Steps

OK well since I was up at 3 am and there was nothing on the tube I decided to work on my small hearts towel...AND GOT IT DONE!!! (If blogger let me you should be able to see a picture of it here). OK now with the being said I have decided to stitch one of M Designs trees (not sure which one yet) on 28 count Monaco. Since I am used to stitching on Aida only then this will be a different experience for me. I am thinking that I will stitch it with one of DMC's variegated flosses. After I get this one done I may splurge and buy some WDW floss and do a different tree with that. Baby steps here. HAHA Off to bake a cake since today is DH's birthday!


Meari said...

Love that towel! What a nice design :)

Heather said...

Beautiful towel.