Friday, September 08, 2006

Busy Week

Well since I spent ALL day on Wednesday cleaning the house since Jerry's aunt was coming up for the might I decided that last night I was going to sit and work on Patches. I have also designated that I will leave him out on the computer desk and then that way I am more likely going to stitch on him WHILE watching TV rather than just sitting and JUST WATCHING the TV. I watch too much of that dang boob tube as it is ROFL.

On a different noteThis morning was kind of a sad one for me as I went and filled out the paperwork to sign my baby boy up for school. He starts on the 11th and will be gone from 8:20 to 2:30. Whatever will I do all day while he is gone?? HAHA I guess I will just have to find something to fulfill my free time while Ashley is napping since now I will be alone with no one to bother me. Off to stitch some more on Patches.

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