Monday, September 25, 2006

Next time I decide to stitch an ornament on 28 count (or any other count) over 1 would someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop me. This ornament is giving me more of a headache than I think I have ever had. LOL. I am determined though to get it done so that I can start on my next project. I try to only work on one project because as some may have seen through this blog, I go one to another one and never go back to the previous one.

Ashley had been sick with just a fever and a really stuffy nose. She is only one so unlike you and I she can't blow her nose. Since it has been 4 days of her having a fever I am thinking that tomorrow I will call her pediatrician and make and make an appointment. If I can get her into bed at a decent time tonight (she has been going to bed late each night as she sleeps most of the day and then doesn't want to sleep at bedtime each night) then I will sit on the sofa, watch Desperate Housewives and stitch on my ornament.

Off to snuggle with my little princess and try and get her to bed soon.

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