Friday, November 24, 2006

How Stupid Am I?

I'm 21% Stupid

I stole this from Meari's blog because I thought that it looked really neat.

1. [X] I have walked into a glass/screen door.

2. [ ] I have tripped on my shoelace and fallen.

3. [X] I have choked on my own spit.

4. [ ] I've seen the Matrix a bunch of times and still don't get it.

5. [ ] I type only with my pointer fingers.

6. [ ] I have caught something on fire.

7. [ ] I've told a cop to buzz off and gotten screwed for it.

8. [ ] I have attempted to sip out of a straw but it accidently went into
my nose, rather than my mouth.

9. [ ] I have thought of something funny that happened yesterday, and
laughed out loud and people looked at me weird.

10. [X] I've caught myself drooling.

11. [ ] I've accidentally caused an explosion.

12. [ ] If someone says the word "fart", I can't help but laugh.

13. [x] I've been into a "Do Not Enter" one way road plenty of times.

14. [x] Sometimes I just...stop thinking, & zone out.

15. [ ] Is it POSSIBLE to lick your elbow?

16. [ ] I just tryed to lick my elbow.

17. [ ] People often shake their heads and walk away from me.

18. [ ] People often tell me to use my "inside voice"

19. [ ] Gum has fallen out of my mouth while talking.

20. [ ] I use my fingers to do simple math.

21. [ ] I've jumped off a moving bicycle.

22. [ ] I ate a bug for $5 or less.

23. [X] I'm taking this test when I should be doing something more

24. [ ] I repost chain letters because I'm scared of what they threaten
will happen if I don't.

25. [ ] I've removed my pants when I was with friends.

26. [ ] I've ran around naked when I was with friends.

27. [ ] I've searched all over the place for something, and then realized
it was in my hand the whole time.

28. [ ] I break a lot of things.

29. [ ] My friends know not to use big words on me.

30. [ ] I put my head to the side when I'm confused.

31. [ ] Sometimes I start telling a story and suddenly forget what I'm
talking about.

32. [X] I've fallen out of my chair before.

33. [ ] When I'm laying in bed, I sometimes stare at the ceiling and try to
find pictures and words in the texture.

Tally up your number of x's. MULTIPLY THAT NUMBER BY 3 TO GET YOUR
PERCENTAGE. Repost this as "I am __% stupid”.


Meari said...

Wasn't this quiz fun? LOL, at least you didn't lick your elbow! I got this from my 14yr old niece, who got it from one of her friends in an email.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger, I was dared to see if I could lick my elbow - yeah I did it and I could :o)