Sunday, November 05, 2006

Quiet Stitching Sunday

Was not very happy when I woke up this morning, walked over to the kitchen sink to pour some water for some tea nd found that we had no water! Of course the maintenace men for the landlord here are a bunch or morons and don't know how to find the pipes sooooo. Here I sit at 11 am (found we had no water at 8 am this morning) and STILL HAVE NO WATER just ran over to Stop n Shop and bought 2 gallons of water so that will hopefully be all that I need to buy.

Since we are suppose to keep Jordan in the house while treating him for chicken pox then I can't go over to my parents house to take a shower and clean up. Guess I will just sit here today and work some more on Pastel (that is the name that Jordan and I came up with for this horse even though there aren't too many pastel colors in this piece). Ran out of DMC 3821 so maybe later I can sneek out alone and go to Shaw's to get some groceries and to Walmart to pick up another skein of 3821. Off to check the faucets again.

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