Friday, November 17, 2006

My Car is in the Garage!

Well we thought that we could go another week or so before having the starter replaced since it was starting up each time I needed to drive it. Boy were we wrong. Getting stuck at the mall during the evening commute is not a fun thing to do. We went to the mall only to find that that car didn't want to come home iwth us last night. AAA came and now my van is at my dad's friend's house being fixed. So I have started a new cross stitch project.

Pansies for Friendship....sorry this is not the greatest picture of what it will look like once it is done. I will sent up the scanner a little later and then will get a better picture.


Barb said...

Great start to it. It will be pretty when done. I love Pansies!

Jenn said...

You've made a good start on this one. The colors in it are so pretty.

Meari said...

I was having problems with my car not too long ago, and was afraid something was wrong with the starter. Luckily, my car came back from the mechanic with a clean bill of health.