Thursday, November 09, 2006

**Warning Lots of Babbling Included**

These 2 cute kids are MINE MINE MINE LOL LOL. This is Jordan (5 years old --will be 6 the day after Thanksgiving) and Ashley (19 months). They were posing so cute on this day that I just HAD to take a picture.

Not sure how many of you remember seeing this picture of my first and so far only framed piece of stitching, but I thought I would post it again so you would all know what I was talking about when I say this...I was so kicking myself when I gave my mom the Iris on the Veranda piece that I stitched for her while I was preggers with Ashley and then decided to stitch it for myself only to realize that I had traded the book that this was in with someone about a year or 2 ago. Anyway I went on e-bay and found 1 person that was selling Country Bouquets from American School of Needlework (where the Iris pattern came from--did I mention that this was an OOP book????) so I swooped in and bought it right away and only paid $3.99 for the book!!! I had a piece of evenweave that I immediately brought over to my mom's for her to zig zag the edges for me (I so cannot sew and she has a machine), but I promised myself that I am going to be good and not stitch Iris on the Veranda until after I am done with Carousel Horse. Which leads me to my next topic of discussion. ROTATION STITCHING!!!!

How many of you have a rotation for stitching pieces and do you find it useful? Do you find yourself finishing more pieces when you stitch them on rotation rather than spending months (sometimes years LOL) on the same piece at one time? I want to stitch a few pieces that I have in my stash which I would like to stitch but don't know which one to do first so I thought maybe a rotation of them would be neat. Iris on the Veranda, Home is Where the Cat Is (already started and put it aside but never was able to pick it back up once Jordan decided that he wanted to "sew like Mom" by cutting my fabric into pieces so I want to start on it again and keep it safe this time LOL) and St. Sylvestre are ones that I want to stitch but I have a tinge of ADD so working on a BIG project makes me get bored easily hence again why rotation stitching might be the way to go for me.

Which now that I have babbled it has lead me to another do you store your WIPs while you are stitching on something else. Do you have Q-Snaps for each project or do you have one set that you just move from project to project each day? I am not a new stitcher but have never been brave enough until a few months ago to stitch on anything else other than Aida. Now I am trying to venture out and try new things.

Now on to something different. Went to my LNS that will be closing soon and picked up Seasons of Plenty from Little House Needleworks and Signs of Spring from Erica Michaels. I think I might talk DH into letting me go back and pick up some specialty threads since I have never used anything other than DMC and would like to try something different in that category too.

Off to get ready to watch Grey's Anatomy and ER while diligently working on Pastel the Carousel Horse.


Jenn said...

Oh don't Jordan and Ashley look so cute!

I tried rotation stitching but, I just couldn't stay with it. I kept enjoying what I was working on to much to want to switch. You can do rotation stitching 2 ways. 1 work on a different piece each night or work on one piece for 10 hours then switch to another.

I keep my WIP's in a plastic zip-lock bag. along with my working copy of the pattern and all the floss I need for the project. I have 6 sets of q-snaps. I love my q-snaps since they are bigger than a hoop I can bo bounce around on a piece working on different sections of it.

Shelleen said...

I keep my WIPs in the mesh bags that cross stitch stores sell. I used to do rotation. I would have 5-10 projects going. Would stitch 10 hours on a project and then move onto the next project and kept doing this but I didn't seem to get anywheres. Then I would stitch Mondays on ornaments, Tues-Thurs on a WIP and weekends for SALs, exchanges & gifts but I am not getting far in that either. So now I stitch Mondays on ornaments and the other days on a WIP or an exchange piece. This works much better and I only stitch on one WIP at a time now. I need to get my WIps dwindled down.

Barb said...

What a cute picture of Jordan and Ashley!
As far as rotaion, I tried, but usually it'll end up as a UFO. I do often have two pieces going a large piece and a smaller piece. I keep in plastic bags with the floss and pattern. Now my UFO's on a shelf in the linen closet. I have several I plan to complete in next few months so they are going to be WIP's.