Saturday, March 11, 2006

Carousel Horse

Well I finished my teacup as my last post shows so I sat for a few days and decided to work on a carousel horse for Ashley. The best part of this three part pattern is that THERE IS NO BACKSTITCHING!!!! I LOVE patterns like that. ROFL. Will take a picture of it tomorrow before I start working on it some more. Right now the batteries for the camera are charging.

Update 8:27 PM Everyone is in bed and I am just enjoying some quiet time by myself. I will probably go and work some more on Ashley's horse in a little while but for now I think that I will read some emails and check in with some friends.

Jerry went to the doctor's on Thursday night because of a sore throat that he had had for about 3 days and was told that he didn't have strep but tonight he is saying that his throat is hurting him more now than it was the other night. All I have heard all day is how his throat hurts and then at 6 tonight he says in his sweet little voice "can you please go and get me some ice cream?". So I went out to get him some and that seemed to appease him for the time being. Why is it that when men are sick they cry like little babies??? Hopefully tomorrow he feels better though because if he doesn't then I told him that he will have to go back to the doctor's to find out what the problem is.

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