Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday Already?

I can't believe that my week flew by as fast as it has. I got a few comments asking me about how the carousel horse will look once it is done so while I type this I am scanning a picture so you can all see. We are having a birthday party for Ashley today with my family but after that I am planning on coming home and planting my butt on the sofa and stitching on this. Not sure if I will do all the horses or if I will just do one then frame it then later on do another one. So many decisions so little time to make them all. HAHA


Jenn said...

That is such a cute piece! Have fun at the party. I bet Ashley will have a gret time! :)

Dawn said...

This is such a cute piece. I have it in my stash pile. After seeing your progress on it makes me want to stitch it too! Keep up the great work. :)